An introduction to the nature of alligators

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An introduction to the nature of alligators

An introduction to the nature of alligators

Is this a furry Shetland Pony seen from above? Or is this a Shetland Pony? This is even more photogenic: It definitely helps to have good equipment.

Crocodilian Captive Care FAQ (Caiman, Alligator, Crocodile)

A great place to see all the options for digital photography is to attend Photokinain picturesque Cologne, Germany. We hope to see you at Photokina this autumn. Although we photograph jaguars, pumas and especially oropendola birds and orioles and cacique birds of the Mayan forestswe specialize in macro photography of insects in general and pollinators in particular.

And the Hellmuth photos show pollen grains stuck to parts of the grasshopper. After they suck on the nectar, the grasshoppers go to the end of the flowers and eat the soft ends of the petals. All this is in the evening since this is a Moonflower species of Ipomoea; its relatives are Morning Glories the one we have is a Glory of the Night my own lyrical name suggestion.

If you are planning to attend Photokina this September 26 to 29, you can have as a free download our Photokina report with recomendations, comments and brands who were present.

Also with photo studio equipment exhibited and digital camara reviews. They steal the nectar without getting any pollen on their bodies. Instead of going down into the flower to get the nectar at the bottom, they chewed a pit into the base of the flower and were lapping up something tasty enough to attract them to the plant for hours every day.

So far we have not seen them initiate opening the thievery area they have already done it by the time we see the flowerbut when their heads are not stuck down inside sipping up something, it is clear that something has scraped or bitten an area about 3 mm in diameter and perhaps 1 to 2 mm deep like a crater.

Once we do more research we can learn whether this habit by this insect on this native plant species has already been detected by botanists or entomologists, then we will publish the macro photos of these possible or indeed probable nectar thieves.

My Harvard undergraduate thesis shows these designs, subsequently identified by scholars as tail feathers of the ocellated turkey. So we are interested in finding and photographing every bird of Mesoamerica which was used in pre-Columbian Mayan temples, palaces, and also by the people in their villages to decorate their hair and necklaces.

Canon EF mm a prime lens, not a zoom. No tripod in a boat the boat rocks too much due to waves in the lake or even the rivers. But each species flaps their wings at a different rate, and depending on whether they are traveling long distance, taking off, landing, or other movements.

Although the Roseate Spoonbill can be found in the Yucatan peninsula, such as Rio Lagartos, it is a challenge to find this bird in Guatemala.

Yes it is in lists of waterbirds, but when you get to that lake or river you learn they are very rarely visible. So it is impressive that Erick Flores was able to find two of them flying over our boat. We have been doing research on flora and fauna of the lakes and swamps west of the Canal de Chiquilumilla, near Monterrico, for over 10 years.General Information including photographs and drawings on animals of the Mayan civilization of Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Honduras.

Animal Books for Kids: All About Alligators and Crocodiles, A Kids Introduction - Fun Facts & Pictures About the Largest Reptiles: Children's Picture Book,Perfect for Bedtime & Young Readers, Kindle Edition/5(15).

American alligators live in freshwater environments, such as ponds, marshes, wetlands, rivers, lakes, and swamps, as well as in brackish environments. When they construct alligator holes in the. PETS. Huntington Beach State Park is a dog friendly park year round.

Please keep in mind that all dogs must remain on a leash no longer than six feet at all times. Upcoming Concerts (as of Apr ) Earth Day “Mother Earth Gratitude” Concert in the Planetarium: Crystal Bowl Meditation/Concert with Sorah Laya and Lizz Cohoon.

All About Alligators (All About Series) [Jim Arnosky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Part of a major reprinting of renowned naturalist Jim Arnosky's beloved All About series, All About Alligators is a thorough and colorful introduction to the world of alligators.

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