Filipino hierarchy of needs by dr jocano

Ruzon Social structure The pre-colonial Tagalog barangays of ManilaPampanga and Laguna had a more complex social structure than the cultures of the Visayas, enjoying a more extensive commerce through their Bornean political contacts, and engaging in farming wet rice for a living. The Tagalogs were thus described by the Spanish Augustinian friar Martin de Rada as more traders than warriors.

Filipino hierarchy of needs by dr jocano

Business opportunities It is always exhilarating to come home from a trip abroad. There is really nothing like living in the Philippines for me. Other countries like the US of A for us are just for visiting for business or leisure.

Next column, we shall continue our discussion of strategic drivers for our continuing Workshop on Entrepeneurship. Let me just wrap up my insights from my meandering in the Americas.

Filipino hierarchy of needs by dr jocano

Look out for business opportunities as my story unfolds. One of the points that I will never forget from Dr. But home at night, she removes this external mask and what is left is the real Filipina—loving, caring and family-focused.

No matter what she puts on her face underneath that is the Filipina olive skin, Filipina values and the Filipina dream. So are Filipinas and Filipinos anywhere. In San Diego, California, outwardly our fellow Filipinos have definitely embraced the American life and love for consumer products.

Their houses look just like any American house, outside and inside. They even grow calamansi and Philippine guava trees in their backyards. My sister-in law, Ate Prima Aquino, said they regret that kamias tree and other Philippine fruit-bearing trees do not seem to thrive in the cool climate of San Diego County.

Otherwise, their backyards would have been full of them. No wonder that Jollibee is so successful in the US—they are setting up several new outlets. Goldilocks and other Filipino restaurants and stores are thriving, as well. At work and in public places, Filipinos all over the United States might sound like Americans, but at home they speak their first language—Tagalog, Visayan, Pangalatok and Ilocano.

How do you say sayang in English? Filipinos know how to create happiness. They work in earnest from Monday to Friday. Partying starts on Friday evening until Sunday evening—birthday, baptisms, house blessing, wedding, reunion and all sorts of parties.

In one such party given by the Aquinos for their grandson Joshua, they served 25 different viands and 15 kinds of desserts. Plus a variety of sodas, juices and wines. The party started at lunch and on to dinner and midnight snack. At the birthday party of Lenie Velasco, she had 14 viands, 6 salads and 10 desserts for her ballroom dancing friends.

The day we were there, the lesson was on American jazz. Filipinos love to dance and they do it very well. Cha-cha, tango, swing, reggae, curacha, salsa, mambo, foxtrot, you name it.

Filipino hierarchy of needs by dr jocano

And, for more than an hour, we cruised the area of Chula Vista looking for the house of Zeny Macaoay because the sketch given was a little off.Values are important and lasting beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a culture about what is good or bad and desirable or undesirable.

Values have major influence on a person's behavior and attitude and serve as broad guidelines in all situations. The State shall provide the policy environment for the full development of Filipino capability and the emergence of communication structures suitable to the needs and aspirations of the nation and the balanced flow of information into, out of, and across the country, in accordance with a policy that respects the freedom of speech and of the press.

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We still don`t get it on. Documented and translated by renowned Filipino anthropologist, Felipe Landa Jocano, a native of Cabatuan, Iloilo, it is known to be the Second Longest Verse –Epic in the World with 28, verses.


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