Hogan lovells online critical thinking test

It doesn't get more global than Dentons, whose decentralised structure covers over 60 jurisdictions worldwide. Gobble, gobble, gobble All you millennials who grew up owning a Nokia will be familiar with the game Snake: After gobbling up law firm after law firm after law firm, what started out as a modest snakelet of a firm in the dim and distant days of is now a basilisk that slithers its way through plus countries worldwide and has the biggest head count of any firm in the world. Just when or if this scaly beast will ever stop gobbling is unclear, but for now it continues to munch its way through law firms.

Hogan lovells online critical thinking test

Apply We have insight events and vacation schemes. A need for ambassadors on key campuses.

Hogan lovells online critical thinking test

Training contracts that start in February and August each year. But before you dive into an online application form, read about our assessment process and our tips on how to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Apply Apply We have insight events and four different vacation schemes. We want to know about you and what you can bring to the firm.

So do your research and work out what sets you apart. The process for all insight events, campus ambassadors, vacation schemes and training contracts is similar. Do well and the next stage is a minute telephone interview featuring questions that investigate your motivations, capabilities and commercial judgement.

Contextual Recruitment System We want our opportunities to be accessible to as wide a group as possible. Meaning we can compare applicants fairly with peers from a similar background.

What happens at an assessment day? We run our assessment days at Atlantic House, our London office. For all other vacation schemes and our training contracts the day involves: This interview will probe your reasons for wanting a legal career and check how well you know the legal and business worlds two interviews: These interviews probe your reasons for wanting a legal career, check how well you understand the legal and business worlds, and assess your ability to handle the kind of situations our trainee solicitors face.

Apply for a campus ambassador role and your assessment day will include a critical thinking test, an interview and a presentation skills exercise.

If you would like to talk to us in relation to any queries you may have on disability or long-term health issues, including any requirements you may have in respect of our application process, please email Jen Baird at graduate. How to prepare When competition is tough, preparation is key.

Submit a first-class online form read it through before you start to complete it. The law is a detail field and good communication skills are vital. Your goal is to be clearly understood use any work placements legal or non-legal to show you understand business, time management, and how to work with people and meet deadlines please note that our online application form includes a section in which you can tell us of any modifications that you require to our recruitment process, as a result of a disability or a long-term health condition.

Take a good look at yourself check out the qualities we look for in our lawyers and work out how you can show you have them know why you want to be a City lawyer think about what makes a great City lawyer and whether you have the potential to develop those qualities be clear about why you want to pursue this career at our firm.How to Succeed in Law School – Student Guide #1.

The following article was adapted from a fantastic series of TLS Blog posts by user “JayCutler’sCombover”. There is a free critical thinking test here from Hogan Lovells which is a Watson-Glaser critical thinking appraisal (the same kind that GLS say they use as part of their recruitment) 2.

I also found a pdf version which has a few more examples on before the same questions as the Hogan Lovells test. 3. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin The following organisations have received Cyber Essentials certificates through CREST. CREST is an approved accreditation body under the UK Government Cyber Essentials scheme.

Further information about the role of CREST can be found at initiativeblog.com. Please note that CREST operates alongside other UK Government approved Accreditation Bodies.

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FAQs. Frequently asked questions Hogan Lovells is a key sponsor of the My Plus Consulting website which is a key source for disabled students to find out more about Hogan Lovells and a career in law.

Hogan lovells online critical thinking test

Insight event applicants will only have to complete the critical thinking test online and telephone interview.

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