How to write a thank you email after event

Anytime that someone takes the time to talk with you, grants you an interview or invites you a networking event, you should follow up with a thank you letter.

How to write a thank you email after event

When was the last time you sent one of those things? Not only are they nice to receive, they serve a purpose, too. Networking Emails Networking events should be a part of our lives as young professionals. Networking allows us to meet people both inside and outside of our industries and these relationships can be crucial in our personal and career development.

I make an effort to attend a networking event at least once a quarter and am intentional about getting to know new people and building professional networks.

Once those relationships are built, I work hard to continue to connect with those people.

Sample Thank you letter for Invitation

If you meet someone at a networking event or in a different place, you should follow up in days. Anything beyond that risks having the person forget the details of your conversation.

The format of the email will vary based on your conversation, but traditionally you will be emailing to do a one of a few things: Set up a meeting to learn more about them, their career or industry.

Connect them with someone based on your conversation. Remind them of who you are and continue your connection. Regardless of why you email, it is important to send a follow up email if you were able to have a one-on-one conversation.

Here are a few things to include in the emails: Emailing to set up a meeting. Thank them for talking with you at the networking event make sure to include the specific event name. Mention something you remember from the conversation, this helps to make it more personal.

How to Write an Interview Thank You Email (Template) | EventsWork

Give them a few dates and times that work for you or ask them to send you dates and times. This will help make the email more tangible and you are more likely to meet. Tell them you are looking forward to hearing back from them.

Also, make sure to think of either a clever or clear subject line.

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Most people get a lot of emails a day, so you want to make the subject line catchy enough that someone will at least open the email. Connect them with someone. This email is similar to the first. Thank them for talking and include something personal.

From here, your focus is connecting the two people. So go through and say something about each person including what they do and any other relevant information. At the bottom, make sure you include why you are connecting them. It will help the two of them when they are setting up a meeting.

It was so great to meet you last night at [event]. All my best, [Your Name]. Remember, you should go to networking events in order to meet people and follow up. Make an effort to attend networking events on a regular basis, but make sure to send follow up emails after the event.

Handwritten Notes Thank you cards and handwritten notes serve a different purpose. I love writing a handwritten card and receiving one!

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Why spend the time and money on a handwritten note? Emails are easy to ignore, cards in the mail are not.

We are bombarded with emails every day. Between being busy with work and the number of emails, it is easy to ignore an email or open it and forget to respond. When you check the mail, it is a different experience. Handwritten notes are a nice surprise.

Handwritten notes are an unexpected treat! They are frequently a surprise and really are a nice gesture and show that you care. When should you write a handwritten note?Give a few examples of the things that you appreciated such as the beauty of the hall and the location, the thoughtfulness and friendliness of the staff and let her know how the reception hall contributed to the overall significance of the eHow.

Watch video · Danny Rubin, email expert and author of "Wait, How Do I Write This Email?," says that the secret to the perfect thank you email after a networking meeting is to keep the conversation going. Thank you, emails don't have to be long and involved. They just need to follow the guidelines for effective employee recognition so that they have maximum impact.

Quick emails that thank an employee or coworker are treasured and show respect to the recipient. In business, we write thank you notes to thank people for interviews, meetings, sales, referrals, advice, project assistance, appreciation, encouragement, gifts, meals, and other acts of kindness.

how to write a thank you email after event

Here are some tips for writing the essential business thank you note. A note to thank a person for a job well done is a great way to improve morale in the workplace, while providing recognition to an employee. A sample of an employee thank-you note can be used to develop a unique new version of a letter that will be used to formally .

how to write a thank you email after event

What You Need to Write in the Body of A Thank You Email Email copy is the next most important thing after the subject line. The question of how to write a thank you email for attending an event is discussed here.

How To Write A Great Professional Thank You Note