Internet service provider

History[ edit ] The Internet originally ARPAnet was developed as a network between government research laboratories and participating departments of universities. Other companies and organizations joined by direct connection to the backbone, or by arrangements through other connected companies, sometime using dialup tools such as UUCP.

Internet service provider

What is an Internet Service Provider?

Internet service provider

An Internet Service Provider ISP is the industry term for the company that is able to provide you with access to the Internet, typically from a computer.

Your ISP makes the Internet a possibility. For the typical homeowner or apartment dweller, the ISP is usually a "cable company" that, in addition or offering a TV subscription, also offers an Internet subscription.

You can get just cable TV or just high-speed Internet, or both. An ISP is your gateway to the Internet and everything else you can do online.

Internet service provider

The ISP is the link or conduit between your computer and all the other "servers" on the Internet. Every home or organization with Internet access has an ISP.

Whereas just about anyone can have a website, not everyone can be an ISP. It takes money, infrastructure and a lot of very smart technicians.

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Your ISP maintains miles of cabling, employs hundreds of technicians and maintains network services for its hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Depending on where you live, you typically have a choice of ISPs. Bydial-up services were rare even though they were cheapbecause they were very slow On its way to you?

Verizon yes, they are downplaying DSL now offers FiOS in select areas put an "f" before "eye" and the "os"-sound in "most". FiOS stands for fiber optic services, and it claims to have superfast Internet connection speeds. And for all of us not in the Kansas area, Google launched Google Fiber inwhich offers incredibly ultra-fast Internet speed.

Other companies and communities are teaming up to bring the next generation of broadband to you.Solarus provides Digital TV, High-Speed Internet, Phone service, cellular and bundle services communities throughout central Wisconsin. Rockford's all digital internet service provider - ISP - offering fast, reliable service for both home and business in Rockford Illinois and surrounding communities.

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NEline is a flagship brand of S. S. NetCom and the pioneer private Internet Service Provider in the North East. Our services were launched in July and have been a force to reckon with over the last decade.

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