Memories of my grandparents

Posted by Faye Stallings in Ancestors I was very blessed to know all four of my grandparents. I grew up next door to my dad's parents in Boxville, Kentucky. They were very special to me because I was able to spend much of my childhood with them.

Memories of my grandparents

Even fifteen years later after their deaths, it can be hard to write about them. Memories of grandparents are a treasure. Not everyone has had the privilege of knowing any, much less all, of their grandparents.

Childhood Memories of Cable TV and Southern Breakfasts at Grandma's House

On the other hand, those of us that have lost our grandparents or never had an opportunity to know them can sometimes find it hard to write about them. Why Write about Grandparents? Because our family history starts with our elders. Writing about them gives your loved ones a glimpse into how your family traditions were shaped.

Because my maternal grandmother wrote about her, I feel a connection to my great great grandmother Clark. That tiny aspect of his personality continues to connect her family to him. Many times, those little things are just the things that of which memories are made.

Write About Your Grandparents Try describing your grandparent s.

Memories of my grandparents

Were you close to them? What did they look like? What were they like?

Memories of my grandparents

What types of things were they apt to do or say? Did you know them when they were younger or know stories of them in their younger days? What kind of relationship, if any, did you have? How would you summarize their personality? To pass on the knowledge of a unique individual rather than an image in a portrait is a true gift.My childhood memories were established in Saudi.

Write about grandparents’ personalities

My Mom and Dad decided to divorce. I was a little child and I didn’t realize what “divorce” means. I felt lonely and lost after my mother married another man.

My grandparents insisted on raising me, their oldest grandson. Memories of Albert Collins. My wife was born in at 67 Marroway Street, the home of her grandparents, Alfred and Matilda Quiney, also the premises of Rudge Brown, coal merchants to industry, for whom Alfred was caretaker, stableman and coal deliverer.

Oooooh yes totally relate to having very vivid memories of grandparents' houses - for some reason much more vivid than memories of my own family home. In my case: at my Italian grandparents' house: walking round and round between kitchen and living room via an outside balcony (they were on the 5th floor) and smelling the smell of freshly made.

As a child, being with your grandparents is something you enjoy doing every once in a while. Well, for me, I was at their house constantly because both of my parents worked full time. Feeling safe and comforted was something I felt at my grandparents’ house because I was there so often, alm.

I remember. Hearing my grandparents call out my name As it was time for supper, I remember. Memories are all I have now, They have passed and found their place in Heaven I will always love them dearly and keep them in my heart. I will never forget the times we shared because, I remember/5(49).

Descriptive Essay, Personal Narrative - Childhood Memories of my Grandparents' Home.

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