Mystery shopper business plan

Enter your email to reset your password Or sign up using: A tool used to measure the quality of that experience is mystery shopping. Hired as independent contractors, mystery shoppers are "posers" operating in stealth-like fashion to assess your business operations. They are charged with specific tasks such as taking photographs, purchasing a product or service, returning a product, registering complaints, asking questions of sales reps, and behaving in other ways.

Mystery shopper business plan

mystery shopper business plan

Starting my business I possessed all of the above equipment from my previous occupation as well as an office in the home so there was little initial outlay. The cell phone and digital camera were upgraded. My approach is that this is a business not a hobby and my objective is to earn an income, not a way to get food or product compensation.

When I started mystery shopping, I researched and choose 12 to 15 companies that seemed to offer mystery shopper business plan types of shops that I would enjoy, concentrated on 5 of them and proceeded to set and meet my goals.

My objectives At this junction in my life, I have no desire to work 5 or 6 days a week and 8 to 10 hours a day.

Instead I choose to work within a 30 mile radius of my home and average 4 to 5 hours a day. I regularly take Friday and the weekend off. It is a very profitable day when the ratio reaches 3 to 1 or 4 to 1, which usually occurs when I am able to negotiate bonused shops.

Setting goals My original goal was to earn more than I could as a skilled or semi-skilled part time retail employee in a local store. I actually went for an interview in the local Home Depot and decided that was not an option I desired.

My first goal was easily surpassed in the first month. There are two directions you can go when a goal is reached. The first is to pat yourself on the back, relax and start coasting.

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The second is to re-set your goals and work harder and smarter. The end of the month sometimes brings bonused shops so I try to leave a couple of days open at that time. I am able to do the shops I enjoy and stay away from the ones that I do not.

My business is based on careful preparation which includes logical routing, one page worksheets for the various shops and detailed spreadsheets of my visits.

Conclusion Because of changing demographics and needs of the mystery shopping companies and clients, I am ready to expand my base and will do so slowly with careful research much as I did when I first started.

The information is available and with careful searching I will find companies that suit my needs and likes. Mystery Shop Forum and Mystery Shopper Magazine are both excellent sources of research for finding new mystery shopping companies.Mystery Shopper Mystery Shopper company is a innovative, enthusiastic enterprise that is responsive and exclusive accommodates with products as art for Mystery Shopper in addition custom design capabilities for individual clients.

Free Mystery Shopper Mystery Shopper Sample Business Plan for Mystery Shopper - Business Plan # A Basic Mystery Shopping Business Plan June 22, Written by LIJake Having retired from my 30+ years as an independent manufacturer’s representative, I was seeking an alternate source of income and a way to keep physically and mentally fit.

If you plan to expand your business and offer the mystery shopping opportunity to others, a website is essential. It is a way to attract potential clients and mystery shoppers nationwide.

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Expanding your business in this way is what will ensure you the greatest success to your home based enterprise. A mystery shopping program can be set up within two months with cost ranging from $50 to $ per shopper visit. One source for finding a certified company is the Mystery Shopping Providers.

Are you interested in starting a mystery shopping business? Do you want to become a mystery shopper? Do you need a sample mystery shopping business plan template?

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