Research paper effect early marriage

The reason is that central banks react to variables, such as inflation and the output gap, which are endogenous to monetary policy shocks.

Research paper effect early marriage

J K To find an effect which ruled out mere exposure, Nuttin created a yoked control design in which two subjects evaluated the same letters separately. Some of the letters belonged to one subject's name, and some of the letters belonged to the other subject's name, while some were random.

In this design, any difference in preference between subjects would have to be based on whether the letter occurred in their name. The first stimulus is A and U: The next stimulus is M and D: As can be seen in the table this is repeated for the remaining letters of Irma's first name.

The letters of her last name then also appear in reverse order, and finally the letters of both of Jef's names. The shading in the table reveals the pattern hidden to subjects, who would have been told to circle their preferred letter of each pair as fast as possible without thinking.

A significant preference for the letters of one's own name over those of the other person was found. Four other factors were varied: He wondered whether the effect would be found in all cultural and linguistic Research paper effect early marriage, or whether the first study revealed an effect due to some unknown idiosyncratic aspect of the Dutch language in Belgium.

Because the original yoked design did not lend itself well to long-distance research and standardization, it was replaced by a simpler, easier to replicate experimental design.

Subjects were asked to mark the six capital letters they liked most in a randomized list containing all letters of the local alphabet, again without giving it much thought.

They had to mark their first preference with 1, their second with 2, etc. The new method was first applied in Belgium. When results showed the name-letter effect at work again, it was copied in the other countries. A total of 2, subjects participated, all students. The strongest effects were observed in the Norwegian and Finnish studies.

In the Hungarian, Portuguese, and Italian studies the effect was present but not to a significant degree. The name-letter effect emerged as very significant in all languages when only initials were considered.

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Further analysis revealed that the overall name-letter effect is not simply due to initials: This led Nuttin to conclude that individual ownership has affective consequences that are not observed for collective ownership.

Cars in Austria and Hungary have a sticker displaying their nationality with a capital letter that does not match the country's name in the local language A and H respectively. This did not have any impact on people in those countries liking those letters relatively more. Subjects were asked to select the six letters they liked the least.

As before, merely having a letter in one's own name significantly reduced the chances of disliking it. While there was a large consensus within each of the 12 languages as to which letters were least preferred, there was not much consensus at all around the most preferred letters. He first mentioned it at a conference of the European Association of Experimental Social Psychology in[28] followed by the and articles referred to above.

His work was met with widespread skepticism, as he had expected. The name-letter effect is stronger for initials than for non-initials, but generally still holds even when excluding initials from analysis.

All but two studies found the effect equally strong for women and men. The effect has been found in people ranging from school children to university students, middle-aged and old-aged adults.

Although there are many differences between Eastern and Western culturesincluding as to how often family names or initials are used, the effect seems to apply across cultures.

In all cases a name-letter effect was found. In a study on preferences for initials, Stieger and LeBel found that people who had changed their name after marrying continued to show a preference for the initial of their abandoned birth name decades into their marriage.

Also, subjects who had been married less than two years already showed a name-letter effect for their new last name initial.

Several explanations which seemed plausible at first have since been rejected. Mere exposure[ edit ] People may simply like most what they see most.

Research paper effect early marriage

Letters that appear more frequently in everyday usage also occur more often in people's names. Forer, inand Alluisi and Adams, infound a positive correlation between the frequency of occurrence of letters and phonemes and how attractive they were judged to be.

This led him to formulate the mere-exposure hypothesis:Parental leave is an important accommodation, designed to increase the ability of families to balance the needs of the workplace and home.

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People say that a marriage is a complete life of a person. A marriage would be the happiest moment of one’s life as after lots of turbulence, both of the couples finally tie knot/5(1). This research paper is intended to reveal the history of early marriages, its different causes and effects on the parties involved and in turn recommend ways to restrict, or rather eliminate, such practices.

“read more”. The purpose of this paper is to identify gaps in the research on child marriage in which additional invest- the fact that girls often agree to early marriage – because they lack education, resources or other op- CHILD MARRIAGE IN A GENERATION / ENDING CHILD MARRIAGE IN A GENERATION / ENDING CHILD MARRIAGE IN A .

Refuting previous research that claims couples who shack up together before getting married are more likely to get divorced later in life, a new study finds instead that divorce rates are tied.

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