The evolution of the banking industry essay

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The evolution of the banking industry essay

The purpose of the research article is to show the growth and technological development in Indian banking sector. The objectives of this research article are to show the growth in Indian banking sector; the technological development in Indian banking sector and computerisation in the banking sector.

Technology enables increased access of the banking system, increases cost effectiveness and makes small value transactions possible. Technology allows transactions to take place faster and offers unparallel convenience through various delivery channels.

Technology enhances choices, creates new markets, and improves productivity and efficiency.

The evolution of the banking industry essay

Effective use of technology has a multiplier effect on growth and development. The deepening of information technology has facilitated better tracking and fulfilment of commitments, multiple delivery channels for online customers.

The Indian banking has welcomed this change.

"Three Essays on the U.S. Banking Industry Evolution" by Shen Jin

As an increasing number of Indian banks seem at the modern ways, such as Online banking, to make a customer's banking experience more convenient, efficient, and effective. The use of internet in banking has vastly reduced the physical transfer of paper money and currency from one place to another or even from one person to another which reduces costs for banks.

It is also called electronic banking. It may include wire transfers, electronic funds transfers, and credit card, debit card. Internet banking is allow to using automatic teller machine and telephone transaction and also websites for performing simple and advanced transaction without physical presence of customers in bank, allowing customer to submit their applications for different services, make queries on their account balance and submit instruction to the bank and also electronically transfer fund to their account, pay bill and other banking transaction online.

It also allows banks to expand their markets for traditional deposit taking and credit expansion activities, and to offer new products and services. Private sector banks were barred from involvement in the banking market after the nationalization of banks in Most important changes were implemented after First, the market was opened up to private sector banks and foreign banks.

Second, regulations governing the establishment of branches were amended. Third, regulations relating to lending were eased. The state of affairs began to change after During this period, one public sector bank and four private sector banks were established, and 16 foreign banks entered the market.

'A New Era in Banking': The Future of Financial Services

In Marchforeign Vol. This had increased to by Marchand to by March Table 1-showing Number of banks SBI Group 8 8 8 7 7 6 State-owned banks 20 20 20 20 20 20 Private sector banks 28 25 23 22 22 21 Foreign banks 29 29 28 31 32 34 Regional rural banks 96 91 86 82 82 Non-scheduled commercial 4 4 4 4 4 4 banks Scheduled commercial banks Notes: As of March 31 in each year.

The country witnessed branch expansion in public sector banks, private sector banks and foreign banks in absolute term during period The table showed that the percentage share of SBI group registered a growth of 3. The state- owned banks of India registered an increase of 5. The non scheduled commercial banks registered a growth Table-2 showing Number of branches Scheduled commercial 72, 74, 78, 82, 88, 93, banks SBI Group State-owned banks Private sector banks Foreign banks Regional rural banks Non-scheduled commercial 41 47 47 47 48 53 banks Notes: Data is as per information reported by banks.

Data on number of offices include administrative offices. Number of Branches90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 0 Growth of Bank Deposits: The resource mobilisation is an integral part of banking activity.

The basic principle of branch expansion is to tap deposit and culminate saving habit among the community. The table showed that the percentage share of state bank of India and its associate banks registered a growth of The nationalised banks of India registered an increase of The all scheduled commercial banks registered a growth Deposits of Scheduled Commercial Banks 0 Growth of Advances: The credit from the bank is an important input in the production function of the agriculture, industry, commerce and allied productive activities for socio economic development of the country.

The channelization of bank credit in proper direction, otherwise, there will be the adverse effect on the economy of the country. Growth of Bank Investment: The table showed that the percentage share of state bank of India and its associate banks registered a growth of 5.Online Banking Evolution Essay examples System Evaluation Paper Ariana Garcia CIS/ August 05, Anderson Smith System Evaluation Paper Banking has developed and continues to .

An IMF study of the banking industry in stated that Ghana’s market structure was slightly less competitive than that of Nigeria and Kenya.

Nigeria is however a huge economy as the economy of Ghana grows at a faster pace, private Foreign Direct Investment facilitated by Nigerian Banks may play a key role if well directed.

The evolution of the banking industry essay

Introduction to Banking Technology and Management customer segmentation, customer scoring, target ment systems and the associated software marketing, market-basket analysis, cross-sell, constitutes one dimension of banking up-sell, customer retention by modeling churn, technology.

infrastructure, and open banking platforms controlled by application programming interfaces (API). These are the forces that will power the banking industry and reshape how financial institutions evolve and operate for the foreseeable future.

The book 'A New Era in Banking: The Landscape After the Battle' examines the opportunities and challenges ahead for the financial services industry. The bank offers mortgage lending, consumer financing, retail bank service and products, investment banking, trade money, cash management, commercial bank and e-commerce services, and private financing products.

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