Why does charlie write anonymous letters

Study Questions 1 Discuss the form of the book. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is an epistolary novel, which means that it is written in the form of letters. The narration is entirely one-sided throughout the book, since the novel only consists of letters that Charlie writes, not that Charlie receives. The letters act more like a diary than a true back-and-forth correspondence.

Why does charlie write anonymous letters

Plot[ edit ] Charlie, the year-old protagonist, begins writing letters about his own life to an unknown recipient. In these letters he discusses his first year at high school and his struggles with two traumatic experiences: His English teacher, who encourages Charlie to call him Bill, notices Charlie's passion for reading and writing, and acts as a mentor by assigning him extracurricular books and reports.

Although he is a wallflowerCharlie is befriended by two seniors: Patrick is secretly dating Brad, a closeted football player, and Sam is Patrick's stepsister. Charlie quickly develops a crush on Sam and subsequently admits his feelings to her. It is revealed that Sam was sexually abused as a child, and she kisses Charlie to ensure that his first kiss is from someone who truly loves him.

In parallel, Charlie witnesses his sister's boyfriend hit her across the face, but she forbids him from telling their parents.

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He eventually mentions the occurrence to Bill, who tells Charlie's parents about it. Charlie's relationship with his sister rapidly deteriorates and she continues to see her boyfriend against her parents' wishes.

Eventually, he discovers that his sister is pregnant and agrees to bring her to an abortion clinic without telling anyone.

why does charlie write anonymous letters

His sister breaks up with her boyfriend, after which her and Charlie's relationship begins to improve significantly.

Charlie is accepted by Sam and Patrick's group of friends and begins experimenting with tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. At a party Charlie trips on LSD.

He cannot control his flashbacks of Aunt Helen, who died in a car crash on her way to buy him a birthday gift. He ends up in the hospital after falling asleep in the snow.

Their friend Mary Elizabeth is impressed and asks Charlie to the Sadie Hawkins dance and they enter into a desultory relationship. The relationship ends, however, during a game of truth or dare when Charlie is dared to kiss the prettiest girl in the room.

He kisses Sam, and Mary Elizabeth storms out of the room in response. Following this, Patrick suggests that Charlie stay away from Sam for a while, and the rest of the friend group shuns him.

His flashbacks of Aunt Helen return. Patrick and Brad's relationship is discovered by Brad's abusive father, and Brad disappears from school for a few days. Upon returning, Brad is cold and mean toward Patrick, while Patrick attempts to reconnect with him.

However, when Brad derogatorily attacks Patrick's sexuality in public, Patrick physically attacks Brad until other football players join in and gang up on Patrick. Charlie joins in the fight to help Patrick, and breaks it up, regaining the respect of Sam and her friends. Patrick begins spending much of his time with Charlie and Patrick kisses Charlie impulsively and then apologizes, but Charlie understands that he is recovering from his romance with Brad.

Soon Patrick sees Brad engaging with a stranger in the park and Patrick is able to move on from the relationship. As the school year ends, Charlie is anxious about losing his older friends—especially Sam, who is leaving for a summer college-preparatory program and has learned that her boyfriend cheated on her.

When Charlie helps her pack, they talk about his feelings for her; she is angry that he never acted on them. They begin to engage sexually, but Charlie suddenly grows inexplicably uncomfortable and stops Sam. Charlie begins to realize that his sexual contact with Sam has stirred up repressed memories of him being molested by his Aunt Helen as a little boy.

Charlie shows signs of PTSD from the incident and the revelation of his abuse helps the reader understand his view of relationships and love.

why does charlie write anonymous letters

In an epilogue, Charlie is discovered by his parents in a catatonic state and does not show any movement despite being hit reluctantly by his father.

After being admitted to a mental hospital, it is revealed that Helen actually sexually abused him when he was young. As is far too often the case with early childhood trauma, Charlie's young mind tried to protect him from his abuse, causing him to repress his traumatic memories.

This psychological damage explains his flashbacks and derealization phases throughout the book. In two months Charlie is released, and Sam and Patrick visit him.Jan 04,  · Best Answer: The other answers are wrong, I've read the book a lot of times.

He's writing Dear Friend because he's not writing in his journal, he's writing to a real person. A friend of his suggested that he write to this person who doesn't know him because this person is understanding and "doesn't try to sleep with people even though he can."Status: Resolved.

Character Sketches Charlie sam patrick. Why do you think Charlie wants to remain anonymous? Have there been times when you wish you could have, or did? What patterns do you recognize between Charlie's letters?

What phrases does he use frequently? (STRUCTURALISM) Instructor's Guide.

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Instructor's Guide. Anonymous Letter Writing Anonymous letters are rarely a single happening, especially if the sender sees no reaction. Suddenly, he/she feels No one can writer better than their level of skill, an individual can write at a lower level of their ability but not higher.

Jun 17,  · Who does Charlie write to in Perks of Being a Wallflower? Ok so i just finished reading the book Perks of being a wallflower and you know how the book is just made up of letters that charlie sends???

does anyone know who this anonymous character that he sends the letters to actually is? is it himself or his auntie or are we Status: Resolved. May 14,  · Anonymous "Dear Neighbor" letter. I do not write anonymous letters.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - To whom was charlie sending letters to? (showing of 29)

I do not complain to the HOA (all of which are violations). I do not complain to other neighbors. I'm not a lawn person myself, but the neighbors dandelions and creeping charlie quickly become the neighborhoods dandelions and creeping charlie. Feb 14,  · Perks is written as a series of letters from Charlie to an anonymous character.

In an interview, Chbosky said that the progression of the story through letters "feels intimate" and is "like Charlie is talking to you.".

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - To whom was charlie sending letters to? Showing of 29