Writing about your life zinsser pdf to excel

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Writing about your life zinsser pdf to excel

Writing Writing about your life zinsser pdf to excel William Zinsser has spent a lifetime teaching people how to become better writers. In a recent phone interview, Zinsser talked with me about the craft and shared these five tips for journalists who want to grow as writers.

Lawrence Wright and Jane Mayer.

writing about your life zinsser pdf to excel

Good writers make every word count, and they avoid abstractions. Zinsser advises writers to instead focus on the process of writing — organizing the parts of a story, crafting a lead, making revisions. If you view writing as a process, Zinsser said, the product will take care of itself.

The finished product is the last thing you should be thinking of. But this preoccupation can be crippling.

Writing about your life zinsser pdf to excel

When we focus on what our editors want, we tend to tell the story we think they want to hear rather than the story we want to tell. Have confidence in yourself as a writer A lack of confidence is one of the biggest obstacles to good writing, Zinsser said.

As a teacher, he has been surprised to see how many of his students lack confidence — especially his female students. This is especially true for writers working on memoirs. Students, he said, need to gain enough confidence to give themselves permission and believe in the worthiness of the stories they want to tell.

While writing columns for Life magazine from toZinsser often used humor to address serious subjects, such as the excess of military power. He wrote one column, for instance, about repeated arguments over the shape of the table at the Vietnam peace conference in Paris.

writing about your life zinsser pdf to excel

It was exactly what was happening in Paris. In turn, people are more likely to enjoy reading what you write.

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On Writing Well by William Zinsser

Description of the book "How to Write a Memoir": About the Author: William Zinsser is a writer, editor and teacher. He began his career with the New York Herald Tribune and has long been a freelance writer for leading magazines.

During the s he taught writing at Yale, where he was master of Branford College.

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